Lectures/ talks

Talk by Judith Lavagna, Mahony and Luz Peuscovich on their individual practices through examples of past socially-engaged artworks introducing to the ongoing collaborative, community-based work Commonplace.
DECAD, Berlin, 22.03.2019

Voisinages, Public Pool #5
Lecture on curating and forms of narratives, 
C-E-A / Association française des commissaires d’exposition
Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris, 22.09.2018 

A project by the Mobile Academy and the Wildwuchs festival. Basel, 06.06.2015.

Üngebügelt I/III, The Wedding Bang Theory
Presentation of Üngebügelt I/III  at Grüntaler9 with Teena Lange and Ayse Erek. Moderation by berlinerpool, Berlin, 07.07.2014.

Günter Nest’s seminar discussion, Masters course Space Strategies.
Invited by Alexine Chanel. Berlin Weißensee School of Art, 06.02.2014.

Histoire du re-enactment ; re-enactment historique et re-enactment de performances
Seminar. Haute École des Arts Décoratifs de Strasbourg (HEADS) & Université des Arts de Strasbourg, 05.03.2013.

The Supper III
Collaborative performance. Created by Alexine Chanel, Donau X Ganghofer, Berlin, 25.05.2013.

Close reading 
Interview. Created by Nadine Fecht, exhibition ‘Kultur:Stadt’ curated by Matthias Sauerbruch and Wilfried Wang, Akademie der Künste (AdK), Berlin, 15.03.–26.05 2013.

Performance, re-enactment et documentation
Lecture. Hall des Chars, festival INACT and Haute École des Arts Décoratifs de Strasbourg (HEADS), Strasbourg, 12.05.2012.

Getting to the public
Lecture, panel discussion organized by Platforma 11A und V gallery, Leipzig, 13.09.2011.

Lecture, panel discussion. Station VasteMonde, Saint Brieuc, 14.08.2011.

The Mirror of Salomon
Performance/installation with Ben Sassen and Daniel Caleb Thompson
Kabinett der Künste III, Magdeburg, 04.11.2011.

Île Potentielle / Sex Park
Performative lecture. In collaboration with Stéphane Degoutin and Gwenola Wagon, exhibition ‘Île Potentielle / Sex Park’, Synesthésie, Saint-Denis, 17.06.2010.

De l’Atelier Pier à Suddenly Last Summer
Lecture and panel discussion. With Pierre Limpens, Camille Debray and Laurent Isnard, followed by The Last Lecture, a conference by Alexis Guillier et Sébastien Remy. CENTQUATRE, Paris, 07.11.2010.

Management of cultural projects.
Workshop organised by the Stiftung Elemente der Begeisterung,Leipzig and association ATP, Nice. Hohnstein, Germany, 27.-31.07.2010.

Nouveaux usages du numérique. Lecture with cultural producer Vincent Guimas. Digital Art International, Maison des Métallos, Paris, 20.05.2009.

Autour de nous, tout écrit
Production of Céline Ahond‘s performance, interpreted by Antoine Bonnet in sign language, Ars Longa, 12.06.2009.

Ben Patterson, Galerie Légitime Re-enactment
Performance co-organized with Bertrand Clavez, Liliane Terrier and Gwenola Wagon. Université Paris 8, Ars Longa, Futur en Seine, Paris, 07.06.2009.

MikeAlain Declercq
Film projection and panel discussion. Co-organized with Anne Zeitz, Ars Longa, 11.09.2009.

Art et nouveaux medias
Lecture with artist Helen Evans – HeHeMusée des Beaux-Arts de Nantes, 12.11.2009.

Argument de la diagonale (curated by Isabelle Le Normand and Florence Ostende).
Discussion with scientist David Chavalarias (CNRS), Betonsalon, Paris, 26.04.2008.

Monumenta 2008, Richard Serra
Guided tours, Le Grand Palais, Paris, April – May 2008.

Pratiques collectives curatoriales & Revues d’art contemporain : situation critique
Panel discussions co-organized with Isabelle Le Normand, Réfectoire des Cordeliers, Paris, 22.-23.10.2007.