NIDA ART COLONY, Nida, Lithuania (LT)


Research project on radical pedagogies, schools and modernism architecture in Lithuania.


PA-F Performing Art Forum, St Erme, France


“Queering Times” invites all the participants to think their practices in relational time and to contribute to this collective care-making where different modes of being and making, pro-actively doing and wandering can easily shift or even collapse into each other.

WHILE WE WORK: A Temporary State of Affairs

Project conceived by Judith Lavagna in the frame of AFFECT 2016 Program for Collaborative Artistic Practices.

With invited artists Nicolas Puyjalon, Michelle-Marie Letelier, Anne Fellner & Burkhard Beschow and Paul Barsch

Participants: Bea Rodrigues, Clark Beaumont (Nicole Beaumont & Sarah Clark),
Yuliya Chernysh, Nicole Economides, Johanna Gilje, Mo Ossobleh, Heekyung Ryu and Kim Upstill.

Am Sudhaus 2, 12053 Berlin
OPENING Friday 27th May (18h-24h)

WHILE WE WORK: A Temporary State of Affairs has been exploring the context of Agora’s new space with the making of an exhibition together and the future expansion of this project online.

Conceived as a time-based structure for one night, WHILE WE WORK operates as a storyteller and as a score that oscillates between the liveness and the memory of our work in relation to the building – a space in constant mutation, where working phases and changes of plans are part of its daily construction, as well as the multiple informations, stories and rumors that we have been encountering. A work within a work that witnesses different momentums of labor in a vast area in the state of transformation (the Kindl Brewery).

Structured towards active frameworks and production phases throughout a month-long workshop inside AFFECT 2016 Program for Collaborative Artistic Practices, the research process included the contribution of the following Berlin-based artists invited by curator Judith Lavagna to co-facilitate the workshop: Nicolas Puyjalon (scores, time-based exhibition), Michelle-Marie Letelier (exploration, topography and site-specificity), Anne Fellner & Burkhard Beschow (living archive and online/offline dialogue) and Paul Barsch (curatorial post-production and setting).

The materials produced and collected during the workshop will be tracked online, taking the shape of a survey witnessing the production’s process itself – a sort of online editing and safety where the exhibition project could be activated and backed up at the same time.

A Production of AFFECT 2016 Program for Collaborative Artistic Practices. Developed by Agora Collective e.V. Coordinated by Paz Ponce. Agora Collective e.V. is member of CAPP (Collaborative Arts Partnership Programme) from Creative Europe.

All images copyright: Agora Collective and the participants of AFFECT 2016.

dance rising
stone dropping

Project by artists in residence Victor Ramere, 
Maia Nichols
, Esjieun Kim, Luda Lima
, Vinzenz Reinecke
 and Leon Eixenberger

Facilitated by Fotini Lazaridou-Hatzigoga, Yves Mettler, Sarah Lewis, Judith Lavagna (curating) and coordinated by Paz Ponce. Photos by Joana Dias.

dance rising
stone dropping
according to me
 according to her
a paradigmatic pain
 on the a we as condition.
a blue print for differences
– beauty of our failures
and half finished surprises.
please fasten the seat belt
the shaman presses the button.
like seeds in the desert
on the surface of my thumb,
playing on the roof
of the sandcastle you´ve made,
slightly shifting the weight in your legs,
waiting for the wind to reply.
bee the eagle.
change your orientation.
spit on my soul.
lick my heart.
you also want to lure other people with this.

Opening 13 – 14 December 2014 at Agora
Residency 23.09.-12.12.2014

Agora´s Program for Collaborative Artistic Practices AFFECT Module III, Berlin

AFFECT Module III is supported by
Instituto Cervantes Berlín, Goethe Instituto São Paulo, Agora Collective e.V. and Kulturnetzwerk Neukölln.


Project by artists Jol Thomson, Rune Bosse, José Cori, Aviv Benn, Alice Bucknell, Daniel AlmgrenRecén and Kathryn Gohmert

Facilitated by Fotini Lazaridou-Hatzigoga, Yves Mettler, John Holten, Sarah Lewis, Judith Lavagna and coordinated by Paz Ponce.

unbreaken is a project that imbricates workshops sessions, performative interventions, frameworks and a process-oriented timeline in and out the doors of the residency during the last 8 weeks. unbreaken is an invented formula, a constitutive organism made of overlapping movements and gestures related to unbroken (constant, endless, uninterrupted) and break (alter, crack, breach). It is an embedded experience based on persistence and disruption practiced through a publication, an exhibition project and a program* hosted by the artists-in-residence. Together, they invite the audience to orbit different situations and events happening at L’Atelier-KSR and into public spaces, in order to exercise, perform and transmit their production.

Through multiple entry point and mutabilities, the public is confronted with an experimental collaborative approach to a publication that exceeds its material boundaries and finds its selves taking over spaces, relationships and even dreams. Passages are channeled and activated through a stream of collisions and implosions in and around the space of the exhibition between September 13th to 19th.

Opening 13 – 19 September 2014 at L’atelier-ksr
Residency 12.06.-20.09.2014

Agora´s Program for Collaborative Artistic Practices AFFECT Module II, Berlin

AFFECT Module II is supported by
Broken Dimanche Press, Instituto Cervantes Berlín, Goethe Instituto São Paulo, L’Atelier-ksr and Kulturnetzwerk Neukölln.

Model Behaviours

Project by Peter Biggart, Merlin Carter, Beth Dillon, Tomás Espinosa, Amie Lin, Raquel Nava, Michael O´Hanlon.

Facilitated by Diego Agulló (contextualizing), Eric Ellingsen (exploring), Sarah Lewis (nourishment), Rodrigo Maltez-Novaes (conceptualizing), John Holten (publication), Judith Lavagna (exhibition). Coordinated by Paz Ponce.

Model Behaviours presents an assembly of approaches to ideas of the social, the site, and the audience. The artists-in-residence in Agora developed a series of ambiguous situations that explore intersections between art and the social proposed during the different phases of the residency.
Conceived as an experience-led event, Model Behaviours presents speculative choreographies of both the space and the audience. The event is orchestrated by actions, instructional signage and object installation that loosely-demarcate the exhibition space of Instituto Cervantes into zones for audience interaction.

Publication edited by Broken Dimanche Press, 54 pp, 2014.

Opening 5th June 2014, Instituto Cervantes Berlin, Rosenstraße 18, 10178 Berlin
Residency 20.02.-16.05.2014

Agora Collective´s Program for Collaborative Artistic Practices AFFECT Module 1
AFFECT Module I is supported by Goethe Institut Sao Paulo, Instituto Cervantes Berlin, Broken Dimanche Press and Agora Collective e.V.

Ex Situ
Project exchange initiated by Lindenow, fugitif and Station VasteMonde
Organized by Neven Allanic, Judith Lavagna, Falk Messerschmidt (fugitif), Anna Schimkat and Evelyn Jahns (Lindenow).

August 26. – October 02. 2011, Station VasteMonde, Saint Brieuc.
October 14. – November 2011, Westpol A.i.R Space, Westwerk, Leipzig (curated by Judith Lavagna).

With Kata Adamek, Neven Allanic, Katrina Blach, Morgane Demoreuille, François Diridollou, Sylvia Doebelt, Teun de Graaf, Bodo Hansen, Evelyn Jahns, Falk Messerschmidt, Sébastien Montéro, Nina Montini & Jonas Grawert, Arthur Poutignat, Nans Quetel,, Anna Schimkat, Daniel Caleb Thompson, Kathrin Von Ow, Eva Walker, Melina Weissenborn, Lars Werner, Daniel Windisch

Ex Situ is a one year project based on artistic mobility and researching territories between the cities of Leipzig (Germany) and Saint Brieuc (France). Organized by the non-profit network Lindenow and the residency fugitif (Leipzig), this collective program involved nearly thirty participants and resulted in a monthly residency, two exhibitions, a blog and numerous public interventions between the two countries.

With the support of Station VasteMonde, Lindenow network, Fugitif, Westpol A.i.R Space, Région Bretagne, Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen e.V. (IFA), Office franco-allemand pour la jeunesse (OFAJ).

Geoffrey Crespel - Schaubuhne

Conceived by Jan Apitz and Judith Lavagna, in collaboration with Neven Allanic

Guillaume Aubry
Geoffrey Crespel
Barbara Eitel
Florian Göthner
Johannes Abendroth & Thomas Prochnow
Antoine Renard
Daniel Windisch
Christina Woditschka

March 01.-July 07.2011, Schaubühne Lindenfels, Fugitif’s residency, Leipzig.

f(ww) is a program of exhibitions and performance series conceived between the Schaubühne Lindenfels Theater and Fugitif’s residency.
Dedicated to theater, film, dance and performance, the institution established its program in its 2200m2 spaces, and in 2010, its director created a white cube of 7m2 located in the basement in order to develop a visual art program.
Suspended outside time and space of the institution and its official program, used as a reversibility of the cinema’s and theater’s black boxes, artists and curators emphasized a program in reaction to the institution, its mechanism and function, disturbing its activities as well as the public reception.

With the support of Kulturstiftung des Freistaates Sachsen, Office franco-allemand de la Jeunesse (OFAJ).

fugitif - Paris

Conceived by Neven Allanic and Judith Lavagna

Participating artists and curators:
Stefan Riebel
Julia Kurz
Regine Ehleiter
Ludovic Sauvage
Yannis Perez
Emmanuel Pevny
Pascal Chirol
Falk Messerschmidt

Guests artists and curators:
Géraldine Longueville
Gwenola Wagon et Stéphane Degoutin
Camille Paulhan et Emilie Bouvard (Portrait la Galerie)
Marion Prouteau (DENA Art Fundation)

21 – 25 may 2010, Ars Longa, Paris.

Artists and curators based in Leipzig and Paris met at the gallery space Ars Longa for a 5 days workshop based on site-specificity exchanges, art in public space and creative networks.
Based in Leipzig (Germany) since 2008, fugitif is an non-profit organization run by artists and researchers. Residencies, art projects and workshops are initiated between France and Germany in order to promot artistic productions and collaborativ practices.

With the support of L’Office franco-allemand de la Jeunesse (OFAJ) and Ars Longa.