Judith Lavagna is an independent curator currently living and working in Berlin. Her work aims to create processual formats of exhibition-making towards collaborative and educational forms of research.

She curated several residency projects (AFFECT, 2014-16 ; Fugitif, 2011) and programs (Self-monitoring as a curatorial experiment, 2014 ; The performative curatorial studio, 2013), focusing on critical and creative contexts where the relationship artist / curator is challenged through active forms of dialogues.

Her exhibitions and workshops explore the collecting of resources and formats in circulation, questioning the notions of multiple authorship and living archive (unbreaken, AFFECT, 2014 ; new atlantis, co-curated with Elisa R. Linn and Lennart Wolf, 2013; we outsourced everything and now we’re bored., with Clémence de La Tour du Pin and John Henry Newton, 2013).

Another area of her research within the field of performance art focuses on re-enactments of existing artworks and how to display time based practices in a durational context (Displaying the Instant, 2013 ; To perform an exhibition, 2012).

Judith Lavagna was co-curator and assistant director at L’Atelier-ksr, Berlin (2013), collaborator at the Month of Performance Art Berlin (2013-12) and co-director at Ars Longa’s project space, Paris (2010-08).

She holds a MA in Curating Contemporary Art (Paris-Sorbonne) and in Fine Arts (École Européenne Supérieure d’Art de Bretagne, Rennes), France.