Haus der Statistik / Floating University
Berlin * 30/08-15/09/2019

Judith Lavagna is an independent curator and educator working in the fields of visual and performing arts. Her work aims to create and to reimagine processual formats of exhibition-making towards collaborative and educational forms of research, trying to create an environment to nurture art and ideas engaged with society, philosophy and lived experience.

She holds a MA in Curating Contemporary Art (Paris-Sorbonne) and in Fine Arts (École Européenne Supérieure d’Art de Bretagne, Rennes), France, and currently lives in Berlin.


With you we took action.

We were one raging brainstorm.

We were an assembled anxiety.

We felt the pressure of deadlines.

With you we were a collective of individuals heard.

We sat in circles, mounting late night campaigns for difficult situations.

We were a cross-legged contingent debating possible scenarios.

We felt the strain of speculative structures.

With you we were zone therapists.

We demarcated, divided, gathered and dispersed.

We sough a common thread. We forged links and acknowledged difference.

We sought an aesthetic of intention.

We were asked to explain ourselves.

With you we were exhibited behaviours.

We were queue management systems. We were reserved seating.

We were exchanged cucumbers. We were roaming lecterns.

We were empathy exercises. We were souvenir stalls. We were fridge magnets.

We were Friedrich the Second. We were mixed messages.

We were a nervous system.

Text from artist Beth Dillon about the curatorial process she encountered during her residency AFFECT, Agora’s Program for Collaborative Artistic Practices, Berlin, 2014.